Sunday, November 23, 2014

I <3 U Influenster!

Oh Influenster.  I never thought I would be so involved in a site, but I am. I love the community of ladies and gents on here. I spend hours reading reviews and tons of  articles on the new Hub page. Some people may have joined just to try to get the VoxBoxes, which is a great perk, but the sense of community is what I enjoy. The team is always on Instagram and Twitter, staying engaged with us. Who dosen't love a Twitter party! Yes, I have snuck off at work to watch my Twitter feed, you know you have too:)

So, you're probably wondering what in the world I'm talking about. "What is Influenster? " Well, it's a free community of people that share reviews on items. "What's so special about that?" You might be saying. I tend not to trust many reviews. You never know if it was a paid spokesperson. These are true, real deal reviews that help me make purchasing decisions. Plus, I like sharing my point of view on items and places. And to know that the companys are listening to my voice, makes me feel like a valued consumer.

There are perks to being part of the community too. Sometimes you qualify for what is called a VoxBox. A VoxBox can be big or small. Sometimes it is only one item that you are being asked to review or the bigger boxes where you recieve many items. I have recieved VoxBoxs that were simply a coupon for free cheese. Yes, I was extremely excited about free cheese. I would not shut up about how excited I was. It was some darn good cheese too. When you get that extra special email saying you will be part of the next VoxBox, it's amazing! It truly makes me giddy. The weeks of waiting and waiting then that moment you walk  up the stairs after a long day at work and you see that beautiful box at your doorstep. Ahhhhh! You turn into a kid at Christmas. "What treasures will be inside?" You carefully open the box, holding your breath as you lift the top to reveal the wonder inside. I feel like it's shining gold, kinda like the scene in Pulp Fiction when Sam Jackson shows Tim Roth what's inside the briefcase. Influenster simply asks that you try out the items sent and post honest, unbiased reviews on the items on the Influenster site. Spread the word even more by blogging, tweeting, post to Facebook and post a video on your YouTube channel. I have done a couple YouTube videos and they are not great, pretty painful to watch, but I feel that if Influenster was kind enough to include me in the VoxBox program, I should share on every social network that I use. I was bummed when I first joined that I would never receive a VoxBox because I don't have a lot of social pull like many of the others in the community. They really won me over when I received one about a month after I joined. My favorite VoxBox was the Sugar n' Spice box. I still use all of these products to this day.  I post my reviews on items that I love and don't love so much. I try to engage in all the Twitter parties. If I'm included in programs, that's cool, if not that's cool too.

The site has gone through some changes over the years but I feel this is my favorite update. First of all , The Hub is great. So many tips and articles on based on what you are interested in. I tend to stick to the fashion and beauty section. Just learned today how to fight dry skin in the winter. Who dosen't need to know that! Thanks Influenster,  you got your girls back:) I really get a kick out of Word of the Day. I try to use it at least twice a day lol.  Second, VoxPerks. This a new part of the site and it's super sweet. They load coupons and offers for you to use., yes please. I belive that these are based on past VoxBox programs that you have taken part in and based on your interest. So, if you join, and don't have any yet, don't worry, I'm sure some will be on the way.

I use my phone for most of my needs like most of us. The Influenster mobile site is easy to navigate and is user friendly BUT!! Now they have an InfluensterApp out. Sadly, it's only out for Apple right now but the Android version is on its way soon. I can not wait!!
I hope this wasn't too much of a ramble but it really is a great thing to be part of and I encourage you all to check it out. It is an invite only site but don't worry, I have some or you can look on their Facebook page and many others are willing to share theirs. If you would like and invite, please leave your email in the comments and I will send you one:)

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