Sunday, November 23, 2014

CVS clearance haul

It's been awhile but I thought a CVS beauty haul would be the perfect comeback! If you didn't know, CVS is running their beloved beauty clearance sale now. If you're looking for a nice of items on sale now, check out G 's post over at her amazing blog, Nouveau Cheap

I spent $30 (including a good deal on some Tide:)) I purchased some Excedrin, and some clearance wine, before my beauty purchase, and received $2 ExtraBucks.  That made my nails only 2.99. SWEET!  Remember, not all items will be marked. The Physicians Formula was not marked but they scanned clesrance. Also, make sure to scan your rewards card to see if you have coupons or ExtraBucks.  This is a great time to pick up some holiday gifts or just try some new products.

My mobile is not letting me add text to the pics but here's a run down of the savings. 

Sally Hansen Insta Gel starter kit in Red My Lips- Sale-$7.49 Savings- $22.50

KISS Everlasting french wrap kit- Sale-$4.99 Savings-$5.00 (plus another $2 from extrabuck)

SH hand creme- Sale-$1.99 Savings-$6

SH foot creme- Sale-$1.99 Savings-$6

SH cuticle pen- Sale-$.75 Savings-$6.74

PF Happy Booster bronzer/blush- Sale-$3.69 Savings-$11.10

PF Happy Booster blush- Sale-$3.19 Savings-$9.60

PF Happy Booster powder-Sale-$3.57 Savings-10.72


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