Saturday, September 21, 2013

MAC Prep + Prime BB cream compact

I have tried so many BB creams looking for something that will give me decent coverage without a heavy makeup feel but no luck. The closest I have found were Loreal Youth Code and Physicans Formula Super BB. Both had decent coverage and long wear, but settled into my lines and the colors just didn't match my skin tone.,I don't like the fact that a lot of these BB creams have only 2 shades to choose from. It really singles out millions of women who want to try BB. I saw MAC a cream too and I was super curious about it. But after reading the reviews and playing around with the tester, it was another no go for me. Pretty much, most BB are for teens and people in their 20's that have nice, pretty skin. Not older women with wrinkles, red blotches and saggy skin. Sigh. But I believe I have found a perfect one for us! I dropped by the MAC counter to see if they were getting Rick Baker line ( no they are not:((() and spotted BB compacts. The formula was nice and creamy and came in 9 shades! I asked the lady working to help me chose a shade and she applied light plus to one side of my face and light to the other. Light plus was abut darker than my skin tone and still showed all my flaws and did not blend well with my jaw line. Light worked out perfect. It came me enough coverage and I feel it really brightened my face up. It did not settle in my lines and pores and dried to a nice semi-matte. I'm just looking for a nice, lightweight everyday foundation and this is such a winner!!! You can find it for $30 at MAC counters/stores and of course online and yet again, it's available in 9 shades. I just looked at the wed site and they only had the fair skin shades up which is weird, but I'm sure they will all be up soon. Quick tip too. I prefer to use a small stipple brush to apply instead of the sponge provided. It gave me more control of my coverage. 

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